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Q.   Can I assemble the GardenGym equipment myself?

A.   GardenGYM products are easy to assemble, easy to handle and easy to move around.

Q.   How should the equipment be placed?

A.   GardenGYM products must be placed on flat ground and a steady base, where you can fix the unit to the surface with pegs delivered with the products.

Q.   Does the products include instructions for training?

A.   All GardenGYM products comes with basic training instructions, but you can make your own programs and routines with many other exercises.

Q.   How does the equipment handle weather?

A.   GardenGYM products are produced in durable steel constructions resistant to tough weather conditions.

Q.   Can I pick the products up? 

A.   Yes! Our products can be picked up at selected locations in Jutland and on Zealand. Contact us for more information.

Development, all rights and patents by GardenGYM, Denmark

GardenGym: The Concept

The idea and concept of hometraining outdoors is conceived and developed in Denmark by three partners with years of experience within physical activity, development of public training facilities, international sporting goods industry, branding, PR, management and development of projects and products for sports and physical activity.

First ideas were discussed with a group of experts from various fields within fitness and training in 2012 - before crossfit and outdoor fitness training became trendy and mainstream. Partners have prevoiusly also been pioneering projects, developments and marketing of outdoor exercise equipment for public areas. First GardenGYM unit was launched june 2014.

New products and accessories to GardenGYM concept are being tested and will be launched following years by the GardenGYM team. We wish you a good training workout and value your feedback on your experience with your private outdoor fitness center.

Your GardenGYM team

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